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Cream of asparagus and potato soup with bread

40 minutes
30 minutes
4 people
low diff.
avg. cost
Asparagus 800gr cleaned
Vegetables soup 1lt
Potatoes 300gr
Wine white 200ml
Butter 30gr
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Cream 250ml
Chives  q.b.
Salt q.b.
Pepper white ground enough
Shallot 1 (about 50 gr)

Ideal product

How to cook it

To prepare the cream of asparagus and potato soup with bread, peel the potatoes, wash and cut it into cubes rather small . Wash asparagus under running water to remove any residual earth. Eliminate the bottom of the asparagus, more white and fibrous . Separate the stems from the tops of the asparagus , which you need to take part .
Cut the asparagus stalks in small washers and boiled in a little boiling salted water the tops of asparagus , which should be al dente , drain them in a colander and leave to cool and lose the cooking water . Keep them for the final decoration of the velvety. Peel the shallots and cut into thin slices, you do soften over medium heat in a large pot with extra virgin olive oil and butter .
Then add the diced potatoes and asparagus into slices and fry for 7-8 minutes over medium heat , stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon so that the vegetables do not stick to the bottom . Pour in the white wine and then , when it has evaporated , cover the ingredients with hot vegetable stock and cook for about 20 minutes on low heat , until the vegetables are very tender. At this point, add the cream and simmer for another 10 minutes.
Season with freshly ground white pepper to taste and season if necessary with salt. Once cooked , transfer the mixture of asparagus and potatoes in a bowl and, using an immersion blender , reduce in a cream , if the soup becomes too thick dilute with a little ' hot vegetable stock .
Meanwhile prepare the croutons , eliminating the dark part of the sides of the slices of bread and cut the slices into strips and then into squares rather small , about 1.5 cm per side . Heat up a pan on the stove and then pour into the pieces of bread , let them brown on the fire on both sides for a minute. Bring the cream of asparagus and potatoes on the heat and add the chopped chives .
Also add the blanched asparagus tips above, arranging for someone on the surface, then add the croutons and there you have your cream of asparagus and potato soup with croutons ! Carry it on the table directly in the pot or in small bowls!



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