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Foto piatto ricetta

Purple potatoes and prawns

10 minutes
180 minutes
4 people
high cost
Shallot 1
Viola Potatoes 800gr
Prawns 8
Groundnut oil 500ml
Franciacorta 500ml
Butter 50gr
Cream 200ml
E.v. olive oil enough
Salt e pepper enough

Ideal product

How to cook it

Boil 600 grams of peeled and sliced purple potatoes in salted water with chopped scallions . When they are cooked , drain without drying it . Go to the mill until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous . Put the puree on low heat for a few moments , adding 20 g . of butter and 1 dl of cream, mix well , season with salt and pepper. Peel the potatoes used for the puree , cut into thin chips , leave them in cold water for 5 minutes.

Drain, dry them well and let them fry in peanut trying to maintain their natural color and place them on absorbent paper. Clean the prawns keeping only the tail meat , cut into small cubes and let marinate in a little olive oil , salt and pepper for 5 minutes. Let reduce by half over high heat , Franciacorta , add the remaining cream, a little pepper , boil a few moments . Remove from heat and mounted with the aid of a whip , incorporating the remaining butter .

Spread a thin layer of sauce on a plate Franciacorta hot, formed a strip of hot puree , on top of it the chopped shrimp red, then purple potato chips . Serve immediately .


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