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Spaghetti with onion, radish and walnut sauce


Lista degli ingredienti:
Spaghetti 120 g
Radish 2 heads
White onion
Extra virgin olive oil 2 spoon
Walnut sauce  
Chives 60 g

In a pan put the oil and the sliced ​​onion fine.far well wither and add the radicchio, washed and cut, fry well and season with sale.Aggiungere walnut sauce and a tablespoon of water to cook pasta that pasta.La I used spaghetti alla chitarra are really good! I highly recommend them (Philothea). sauce of walnuts (Sommariva Agricultural Tradition) is fabulous and goes well with the contrast of the bitter radicchio, add the last of the grass cipollina.Un fast and really tasty dish using only ingredients of the highest quality.

Fonte: - Emanuela Rangillo

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