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Sesame Salmon with mashed potatoes aromatic


List of ingredients for 2 person:
Potatoes mountain 3
Salmon 2 slices
Milk 1 glass
salt flavored
Oil q.b.
white wine


Boil potatoes from cold water. Peel and mash with a potato masher . Put the mashed potatoes in a pot, add salt with the aromatic salt , add the butter and milk. Cook for a few minutes stirring constantly until it forms a puree smooth and without lumps .

Meanwhile heat a little oil in a frying pan , add the slices of salmon salted and put into both sides in sesame seeds. Brown well on one side , deglaze with the white wine and let the alcohol evaporate and lower the heat . Cook with the lid ; at the end of cooking , turn the slices and brown them on the other side .

Serve forming the quenelle of mashed potatoes and near a base of mashed potatoes ; lay on top of the slice of salmon and serve.

Bon appetit !


Source: Il Peperone Verde - Silvia Bastianelli

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