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Potato gnocchi with herb butter


List of ingredients:
Violet potatoes 8
Yellow-fleshed potatoes 5
Salt enough
Nutmeg enough
Egg 1
Savory herbs , chives, sage


Boil the potatoes separately, mash with potato masher and put them on the work surface


Mix separately the two bodies with the egg ( beaten egg split in half between the two bodies ) and flour , to be honest I never precise dose on the flour , I go to a lot of


eye and to the touch , feeling the dough .


The yellow potatoes I put the chopped herbs : savory and chives.


In the two mixes I put a pinch of salt and nutmeg.


Form of sausages and cut them into chunks of measurement you prefer.


Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water until they float .


Stir in the gnocchi in a pan where you put the butter ( amount to your liking) , chopped chives , savory and sage and nutmeg.


comments : " It was the first time I tried the purple potatoes are wonderful for both texture and color that brings fun into the pot "


Source: il mondo di nanu - Emanuela Rangillo

Torna Ricette - EN