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varietà patata Blanco Duro
Blanco Duro
It is one of the best varieties of white onions in long day, very productive and of high quality. The plant produces a bulb medium to large size, globular in shape, color pure white. Great baked and boiled.
varietà patata Casper
White onions day long, from discrete shelf life, have a bulb from a globular shape and size media. Great baked and boiled.
varietà patata Cometa
Bulb conical elongated and tapering, of medium - regular, well dressed and very consistent, with robes of white. It is well-storable and excellent baked and boiled.
varietà patata Crockett
Variety of onions intense golden color, has a round shape bulbs from good size and texture and is excellent for making fried.
varietà patata Densidor
Onion varieties from yellow to bronzed day long. The plant produces a round bulb of medium-large. Very good for the preparation of fried.
varietà patata Diadema
Variety of red onion intermediate day. The bulb is round in shape - top, full collar. The color is dark red and bright, well dressed and with a sweet flavor that makes it excellent for soups and salads.
varietà patata Montoro
Variety  of the Montorese area, between Avellino and Salerno, has copper-colored bulbs from “globular" shape , may be similar to  a spinning top, within the thick stripes (catafille) alternating white to purple .
varietà patata Red mech
Red mech
Cultivate a long day cycle medium-late, the bulbs appear very uniform with a form of high-top, the outer skins have very thick and purplish very sharp and bright. Their taste makes it excellent for salads and soups
varietà patata Rojo
Rojo Duro
Onion red blood suitable for winter plantings. The bulbs of -conical round shape, are excellent dressed and have a good shelf life. Ideal for soups and salads.
varietà patata Saratoga
Variety of bulbs with yellow-red and round-spherical shape. Saratoga has a good productivity and uniformity of size.