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Created to bring back the typical regional Italian too often forgotten, the line The Regional highlights the unique flavors of our beautiful country. The traditional cultivation of these strengths, the air and the purity of the land from which they came, make these potatoes a real treasure to cherish and remember. If you are a lover of taste and of Italian culinary peculiarities, this is the line for you!

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PatataRegionali d'Abruzzo

Abruzzo potato

Grown in mountain about 680 meters high in the Fucino basin, once a lake system, is a potato so Exclusive by the unique organoleptic properties conferred by ground. It is a product search by those who love the flavor and traditional Italian excellence. A traditional recipe of Abruzzo tradition is soft and tasty pan of potatoes.

Emilia Romagna potato

Cultivated in Emilia - Romagna plain, areal rich sediments that give the quality that characterizes it, It is known and appreciated for its taste suits preparations in the pan, baked and for good salads. typical of Emilia Romagna tradition is the focaccia with potatoes and zucchini, absolutely to try.

PatataRegionali Emilia
PatataPatate Lazio

Lazio potato

The most significant production of potato of Lazio has ancient origins and it has been consolidated in a distribution area where microclimate favorable soil help to make it appreciated for its unique flavor. Tasty Lazial dish very famous and appreciated is the lamb roast with potatoes.

Tuscany potato

Cultivated in an areal particularly suited to the cultivation of potato for the quality of its land, Tuscany potato will give every dish an unique flavor. Try it with the stew veal meat, a must of the Tuscan cuisine extremely tasty.

PatataPatate Toscana
PatataPatata Veneta

Venetian potato

Cultivated in particularly rich alluvial soil of Veneto region. Use it to prepare a classic of culinary venetian tradition: rice and potatoes, a Very Simple dish , That comes to Venice At the end Austrian domination.

Marche potato

Cultivated in the lush countryside of Marche suitable for growing potatoes, this product will donate to your dishes the typical flavor of a healthy and genuine potato, suitable to each type of preparation. Try it with dried cod, tomato and tosted bread, a traditional dish of Marche region.

PatataMarche Potatoes
PatataSicilian Potatoes

Sicilian potato

Cultivated in Sicilian lands caressed by a typical Mediterranean climate, new Sicilian potatoes represent the essence of freshness and authenticity, typical characteristics of new productions grown near the sea. Loved for their unique taste, this potatoes are tender and with a thin skin pulp.

Puglia potato

Puglia potato is a product of excellence cultivated along the entire Ionian and Adriatic coast of the region, in red and sandy soils rich in organoleptic properties that give these tubers a very delicate and appreciated taste.

PatataPuglia Potatoes


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