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Thanks to a sandy soil and to the particular climatic conditions, the Nation Sila park is known for a high quality production, a unique product cultivated in the middle of the Mediterranean territory at 1200 m altitude: La Patata della Sila IGP.
The Sila potato is distinguished and appreciated for their excellent culinary qualities, The land rich in potassium, irrigation with spring water and a micro-climate with extreme temperature changes, confer it unique characteristics: it is a tuber of Solanum Tuberosum, the family of Solanaceae , product varieties Agria (yellow flesh), Desiree (red), Ditta, Majestic, Marabel, Nicholas. Round, round-oval or long oval, with tough skin after rubbing, has a higher average percentage of starch and a firm flesh, with a high percentage of dry matter, which guarantees the high quality cuisine and a special indication frying.

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PotatoPatata della Sila IGP

Sila Potato IGP

Sila IGP potatoes is a mountain product, cultivated in Calabria at 1200 meters of height in soils Rich in potassium. Presents a round shape - oval, a tough skin and rustic and a high percentage of Substance dry that guarantees a particular indication for frying. A classic of Calabrian tradition is " patate 'mpacchiuse" fried with onions and peppers.


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