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Potatoes of Alto Viterbese IGP is a reference grown in the area of the North of Lazio particularly suited to the cultivation of this tuber. The area between Lake Bolsena , Umbria and Tuscany is characterized by volcanic soils rich in potassium and a microclimate influenced by Lake.
The characteristics of this tuber as smell, taste, but also intensity of flesh color (yellow only), are therefore determined not only by genetics, upon the conditions of cultivation (soil, climate, cultivation techniques, type of storage), so it is clear the link between the "Alto Viterbese Potato" with the distribution area of origin. Excellent and versatile in the kitchen, it can be prepared as a side dish of boiled meat or fish, pizza or even to achieve the famous potato dumplings.

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PatateAlto Viterbese Potatoes
PatateAlto Viterbese Potatoes

Patata dell'Alto Viterbese IGP

Cultivated in a particular area between Lake Bolsena, Umbria and Tuscany, it is excellent and versatile in the kitchen, it can be prepared boiled as outline of meat or fish, on pizza or to Realize famous gnocchi of potatoes.


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