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Historical line of our group, soon with a new and attractive look, pays particular attention to the quality and traditional nature of the product. Line has always been appreciated by our consumers more careful and faithful, it will be characterized by a new packaging that focuses on the product with images that intuitively enhance the appearance in several culinary uses, guiding the consumer towards an immediate choice and recommending a first view of the use in the kitchen.

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PotatoNaturella All uses

All uses

Ideal for those who love change in the kitchen, this kind of potatoes are well suited to any type preparation thanks to their versatility .


Beautiful and compact, strong flavor is suitable for various culinary preparations and it is the best product for gnocchi. It is excellent fried and for the preparation of tasty salads. Available also with yellow skin.

PotatoNaturella fry
PotatoNaturella boiled

Baked or steamed

The delicious pulp of this potato is particularly suitable to create tasty recipes Baked or steamed.

Dumplings and mashed

Their characteristic powdery pulp makes excellent for the preparation of dumplings and puree a test of the chef !

PotatoNaturella Dumplings
PotatoNaturella La Rossa

The Red - Gnocchi and Roast

Red-skinned potatoes with yellow flesh ideal to roasts and make chef-proof gnocchi!


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