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100% Potatoes are an excellent product for those who love the unique flavor of a potato without compromise!
100% Italian's heart, it will make your recipes a masterpiece to impress your guests. If you want to start a meal in style... This is the line you're looking for!

Product detail

PatataPatate 100%

For all recipes

Extremely versatile in the kitchen, gives to your dishes taste unique and irresistible.

Ideal Fries

From the heart mealy, is suitable in various preparations but for the dumplings and mashed second to none. Available also with yellow skin.

PatataNaturella fritta
PatataNaturella bollita

Boiled and backed

The delicious pulp this makes the potato good to be prepared backed or boiled.

Dumplings and mashed

The flavor is pleasant, tasty and decided. This potato is adaptable in the kitchen but finds its highest expression fried.

PatataNaturella gnocchi


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