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Are one billion three hundred million tons of food wasted and "lost" in the field of collection and the store each year in the worldwide. It is about a third of world production, amounting to 170-180 kg pro capite(Since 2011. FAO Global Food Losses and Waste) . The numbers are clear, it is time to take action to fight foodwaste, an obligation that we have towards the environment and future generations. By this concept born Belle nel Cuore ( Beautiful in the heart), a line of potatoes and onions out imperfect but good inside fighting the high cost of life and food waste. Managed in accordance with standards set by the disciplinary of production, Le Belle nel cuore, have little defects in appearance that do not alter the goodness and traceability of the product. EAT RESPONSIBLE, NO TO FOOD WASTE!

Economic and sustainable!

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PatataBelle nel Cuore Potatoes
PatataBelle nel Cuore Potatoes
CipollaBelle nel Cuore Onions
CipollaBelle nel Cuore Onions

Belle nel Cuore

A line of potatoes imperfect outside but Good inside, born to fighting the high cost of living and food waste. Grown in compliance with the standards imposed by the production rules, have defects in appearance thath do not alter their authenticity and traceability .


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