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Healing properties and benefits of onions

Onion has a substantial nutritional value , thanks to the presence of mineral salt salts and vitamins , especially vitamin C, but also contains many enzymes that help digestion and stimulate metabolism ; also contains trace elements such as sulfur, iron, potassium , magnesium , fluorine , calcium, manganese and phosphorus, various vitamins ), flavonoids with diuretic action and glucochinina , which has a strong anti-diabetic action. But this plant also has many therapeutic uses : in dermatology, can be used as an antibiotic , antibacterial, simply by applying the juice on hand to disinfect is also a good expectorant, especially combined with honey and a decongestant throat : gargle with juice onion are particularly suitable in the case of tonsillitis and the juice is also widely used as a diuretic and cleansing and it is recommended to those suffering from thrombosis because, having a fluidizing power , facilitates the circulation of the blood. A speech deserves the use of onions for those who suffer from " indigestion " : in this case it is advisable to consume the cooked onion that is certainly more tolerable even if it has less nutritional value than raw that can be taken easily by those who do not have any particular problems of heartburn. Finally, these " benefits bulbs " also act as hypoglycemic, lowering the level of glucose in the blood and helps lower insulin doses to those who need it . Of this plant are also known in homeopathy the beneficial virtues : it is indicated for colds , to counter the annoying nasal discharge that accompanies it, especially if there is also the phenomenon of tearing.


10 alternative uses of the onion

Onion is commonly used in cooking both raw and cooked, to enrich salads,rice or stews, but also in many other depending on the tastes of each. The onion however, is not only a food, but also a real medicine, which for centuries has been used in therapeutic practice.

It has antibacterial and anti-anemic proprieties. It also helps the kidneys work and thus lower the level of glucose in the blood, a feature that makes it useful for diabetics. And ' considered a true natural antibiotic, capable of countering the symptoms of flu and colds. We try to suggest some alternative use of this powerful herb.


1. Cough syrup

For the preparation of this syrup will serve simply an onion and sugar. Peel and chop the onion ; store everything in a bowl and sprinkle with two or three tablespoons of sugar. Let the mixture rest for 12 hours. Then strain the liquid that you have obtained and assumetene a teaspoon diluted in half a glass of water three times a day.

2. Poultice against the cold

It is an effective home remedy that will help decongest the airways. Slice an onion and stewed for about ten minutes. Let cool and wrap it in a cotton cloth . Lie down and apply the poultice on the chest for at least half an hour.

3. Against hair loss

If you against the loss of hair by now you've experienced every remedy known to you, why not give it a try with the onion? The tradition counts among the most effective natural remedies to stimulate the microcirculation of the skin. You just have to apply the chopped onion on the scalp for at least 20 minutes before moving on to the shampoo.

4. Insect bites

To relieve the itching and burning caused by insect bites , rub on the affected area a slice of raw anion. This remedy is especially effective in case you are bitten by a mosquito.

5. Alleviate the scars

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers applied on the scars from cuts and scars from cuts and wounds a slice of raw onion so that they disappear as soon as possible without leaving any marks on the skin. In this case the onion can be held in contact with the skin longer applying a patch or with the help of a gauze.

6. Fight Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, try adding onions to your diet regularly, as if it were a real medicine. According to recent studies, red onion are the most effective ways to reduce the bad cholesterol, while keeping intact the good one, and remove the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

7. Wellness bowel

With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the raw onion is an effective remedy to combat intestinal parasites without altering the bacterial flora. The sulfur sulfur content in it helps to prevent and combat intestinal fermentation. The onion, cooked, digestive and laxative effect and acts by promoting bowel regularity.

8. Against toothache

In case of toothache, abscesses, ulcers or inflammation of the gums, it is useful to apply on the aching of chopped raw onion. It unleashes the antiseptic properties of the substances that will help you fight off any infections and to relieve the pain.

9. Cleaning shoes

To facilitate the cleaning of the shoes, you may want to rub the stains of mud or grass with a slice of raw onion. You can then complete the cleaning with a cloth soaked in beer or vinegar.

10. Patches of ash

If you want to remove a stain of ash from a garment or a fabric, the most effective remedy is to pre-treat the affected area by applying the raw onion on it for at least half an hour before washing.




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