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Nutrition & Onions

Onion belongs to the lily family , it  is one of the most widely used herbs in kitchens all over the world . Onion is a very old product of the garden , which is useful in the kitchen and plenty of property .The part  we eat is the " bulb" center , which can be eaten both raw and cooked .  Onion has a special flavor that gives the food a nice flavor and is often used as a " basis" for the preparation of soups , rice, meat and savory sauces . But not only these are the various dishes that contain it : for example, the French are crazy for onion soup , known all over the world, but also the stuffed onions , those raw in salads and omelettes , have their fame. Surely they have a  particular flavor, generally well tolerated by all , which adds to the dishes , a touch of flavor.

It should be noted that not all of the onions are good for any preparation :

  • red ones , generally sweeter , are given for raw salads , or cooked in omelets , sausage , pizza ;
  • white ones , more delicate , being less suitable raw, usually use boiled , grilled , pizza ;
  • yellow ones , being stronger in taste , but do not use raw in the sauce, the fish soup in the sauce .

Every recipe , every food in short, requires its fair onion ! One for all sauces is not there! Anyway, the onion , like all other foods, should be seen in view of the Mediterranean Diet steel , which remains the fundamental guideline .