27 - 09 - 2013

Here Tomtato, the double-face plant

A cutting-edge plant with one seed grow potatoes and tomatoes

01:06 - tomatoes or potatoes: why choose what to plant when you can have both? Today from Britain arrives Tomtato (from tomato, tomato and potato, potato), the first creature of the new generation of plants, which allows for two different types of plant from a single seed.

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10 - 09 - 2013

From purple potatoes new natural food coloring

foto patate viola

purple potatoes will become the source of a new generation of natural food colors that are gradually replacing the traditional synthetic dyes and colors derived from insects.
The argument is at the center of 246ma "Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society " , the largest scientific society in the world, at the Indiana Convention Center (USA) .

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15 - 04 - 2011

Mashed, boiled or stewed : Yes to potatoes in the diet of children

Potatoes in the diet of children and adolescents do not undermine the other vegetables indeed, those who consume high amounts generally are those who eat , in all, more vegetables. The study, which contradicts previous research conducted on the same subject , was presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology ( FASEB ) Conference being held these days in Washington DC (USA). .

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28 - 08 - 2013

Perù: a virus to combat the pests of potatoes

A group of researchers at the Pontificia Universidad del Peru has developed a new , more effective, but much less invasive , to knock out the moth Guatemala , one of the most aggressive insect pests of potato plantations . In collaboration with a group of French researchers from the Institute de recherche pour le developpement ( IRD) , biologists Peruvians have selected strains of a particular virus , the granulovirus , responsible for the gritty and have used them for the purpose of biological control.

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