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How do you cook potatoes?

Steamed Potatoes : the mode recommended because it prevents the loss of minerals and retains all the nutritional properties , especially the vitamins you need 30-40 minutes to a whole potato . It is best to cook it with the skin , to remove after cooking except in the case of potatoes where you can enjoy it along with the pulp. Boiled potatoes : in water, with a little boiling water and already salted water for about half an hour if the potato is full , if at the end of cooking turn yellow ( because they have been in contact with the air ) just add a bit ' of lemon juice .
Baked potatoes : prick it with the tips of a fork to avoid breaking the surface , and you can also cook them in foil, wrapped in aluminum : in this case you will need more time, about an hour in the preheated oven at 180 degrees !
Potatoes in the ashes is the oldest method and it is the ideal way to cook the potatoes in the ashes of the fireplace or barbecue for about half an hour : toast so do not lose the vitamins that are contained in the first layer , the one immediately below peel.
For  French fries always use a good quality oil , with fairly high smoke point ( oil, peanut or corn ) , cooking should be carried out in three phases, the pre- frying , rest for a couple of minutes out cooking oil in a basket and then the second dive , to make them crispy let them peeled and sliced in cold water for about twenty minutes, to remove the starch and then fry them in vegetable oil , preferably peanut , heated to 150 ° C , and drain and fry  to 180 ° C , browning . Never reuse the cooking oil !If you want to make butter can use previously boiled potatoes : just flavor them in the pan!
If you want to prepare the mashed remember to start cooking already peeled potatoes in cold water to remove the starch , and add salt only at a later time , not to harden . Then drain and mix  with a wooden spoon and combine butter and hot milk .


Potato Storage

Potatoes should be stored in a cool environment. The ideal temperature should be between 4 and 12 ° C. Better to avoid excessively low temperatures that sweeten the flavor of the tuber and cause browning frying , whereas temperatures above 12 degrees cause the early development of the buds and the subsequent blight of potatoes .
The best place to store potatoes is a dark environment to prevent the development of mold and rot , and because the light causes damage to the skin , giving it a greenish tint , also should be cool, dry and even then not in the refrigerator.

Onion Storage

The onions can be stored in the cellar or pantry in a manner very similar to those of the potatoes. If they do not germinate inside the room where you will find the temperatures will remain around 10 degrees. In the cellar, it is advisable to arrange the onions in a wicker basket covered with sheets of newspaper inside a cardboard box or a paper bag. Regarding the pantry, they may be arranged inside a cardboard box , such as a box for shoes or inside paper box of average size, such as those of the bread . The use of paper bags instead of cloth for the preservation of potatoes and onions allows to hold off the formation of moisture and the proliferation of microorganisms .
In case you harvest onions from your garden , let them rest to air but away from the direct sun by placing them on sheets of paper. They require a drying period before being withdrawn in the pantry . You can place them in wooden boxes forming the layers to separate one from the other with the paper. It is advisable to periodically check the onions to make sure that no moisture build-up and that there are no rotten parts .
Once you open an onion , the remaining part can be sliced or diced and frezed  for future use . The onion can also be kept open for two or three days in the refrigerator inside the tray of fruit and vegetables.


So here are some tips to peel onions without crying .

Why we cry while we peel onions?

We begin to peel an onion and here are the first tears. Why do we cry while we prepare the onions ? The reason is very simple. During their development , onions absorb sulfur. This leads them , when they are sliced to release a substance called allinase and gases that irritate the eyes. The tears are nothing more than a form of defense implemented by our body in front of a foreign substance. But in contact with the tears , the liberation of the gas leads to the formation of sulfuric acid. So our eyes tend to burn even more.


How to peel and chop an onion without crying

1 ) Remember to keep the onion as much as possible away from your face and do not rub your eyes with your fingers after touching the vegetable . If you usually wear eyeglasses , just their lenses may represent a useful cover for the eyes.

2 ) Do not start before slicing the onion peel . At times it tends to remove the knife with the top or the bottom of the onion, in order to eliminate the skin more easily. In this way , however, the release of substances annoying starts immediately . Then try the onion asbucciare with his fingers, without using the knife and without pressing too hard against the flesh .

3 ) When you have completely removed the skin , immediately throw it in the bin for waste collection or in the compost . This way you have deleted from your countertop one of the possible sources of discomfort.

4) Rinse the onion under cold water or dip it in a bowl with cold water. Divide it in half. Rinse again the first half by slicing , so that the water can reach the inner part of the onion . Let the second half far from the plane of the work , preferably with the inside facing downwards.

5 ) Slice and chop the first half of the onion. If needed, rinse again under cold water the rest . Immediately transferred to the already chopped onion in a pot or a pan far cry from the work and cover with a lid .

6 ) Proceed then with the second half of the onion. Rinse with cold water. Transfer it on the cutting board, chop or slice it , rinsing it again if necessary. The eyes may sting a little, especially if you are sensitive , but not lacrimeranno .

7 ) Transfer the remaining part of the already sliced onion in the pot for cooking. Proceed with the preparation of your dishes . When cooking, use a cover and always try not to get too close to my face pots or pans with onions , to avoid tears . Do not waste : place a bowl in the sink to catch the water used to rinse the onion and then use it to wash the dishes. Hooray, you made it !


Grandma's Remedies

The procedure detailed above was designed and experienced personally : it works perfectly. The cold water it helps to limit the negative effects of onion on the eyes, so that lacrimeranno . Thanks to the cold water you will be able to peel the onion without resorting to the handkerchief , without asking for help , and quickly. The eyes do not arrosseranno . There are also some alternative remedies rather curious regarding the onions . Here are a few .

1 ) Light a candle or a candle next to the cutting board before you start to slice the onions. The flame should attract toward the gaseous compounds annoying , so that the eyes prove protected. Place the candle so as not to burn yourself.

2 ) If you are in a hurry or if you need to peel a lot of onions, you can rinse under cold water knife , rather than the vegetable itself. Repeat this several times , as soon as you notice that your eyes begin to tingle .

3 ) Keep the onion for a few minutes in the freezer or in the refrigerator before you begin to cut it. It seems that because of the cold the release of irritants occurs more slowly. Wait at least fifteen minutes before you remove the onion from the cold and then make yourself at work. But if the classic feel of eye discomfort persists, immediately rinse the onion under cold water .

4 ) Remove the lower part and the upper part of the onion directly under the tap water , before starting to peel . You can also peel the onion completely in the sink , under a thread of cold water .

5 ) Fill half a glass with water and smothering them with vinegar. After dividing the onion into two or four parts, nebulizzatela with this compound. Or you can soak the onion cut in half in a bowl with water and vinegar for at least five minutes after it is peeled , before you start to slice or chop .

Peel the onions without crying ? You can !


Source: GreenMe