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if you are cooking the soup and it is too salty , you can enter the peeled potatoes to absorb the flavor , do not throw them later because you'll have the savory potatoes as a side dish .
Potato is an excellent degreaser and cleaner , the cooking liquid can be used to clean the silverware that can be dipped or brushed with the liquid, for patches of grass or spinach instead can be rubbed on the spots on dress which have received polished iron, just rub it on the garment cut then  wait and wash it again .
 Baked potatoes can be stored for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, you can revive those fries it in conventional oven at 220 ° C for about 5 min. boiled ones can be heated in the microwave or pan-fried with a little oil , garlic, rosemary or thyme
With potato is produced in Poland, but also in Russia and Finland , a famous brandy known and appreciated all over the world. His name is Vodka .

Seven things you can clean with potatoes

With a potato can do a lot more than the usual mashed potatoes ! Better than detergents and sponges potatoes will help you to clean and shine your home.
In the pantry of the house can not miss the potatoes and not only to remedy the last moment at the dinner ! With a potato can in fact clean items that you would never have imagined , and the result is greater than that of conventional detergents . Curious to find out what you can clean ?

1) Clean windows and mirrors
Fingerprints , and smudges from various sources will disappear without leaving annoying streaks if we spend half a potato . Spend a cotton cloth to dry

2) Bottles
Tedious and difficult to clean , with potatoes will be like new. Fill the bottle with pieces of raw potatoes , a tablespoon of salt and water: shake and you will not believe your eyes!

3) Clean Silver
To shine your silverware just put it to boil water to cook the potatoes.

4) Clean Embroidery and lace
Are you afraid of ruining precious lace grandmother with aggressive detergents ? Forget it , and wash them with water instead of baking potatoes in a three liter of water.

5) Clean glasses and glass carafes
The water used to cook the potatoes will remove stains and limescale will shine your glasses and decanters .

6) Clean grease stains
Potato starch has a high absorbency : pour it over the stained fabric and let it sit . The stain will be completely absorbed by the starch .

7) Clean iron pans
With half a potato blight and tear off food residue. Try it!