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01 - 01 - 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge for Ruggiero’s group


Ruggiero adheres to the viral "cold shower" launched by "ASL Association" to raise funds for research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

Participants are asked to tip a bucket of ice water on him to raise public awareness of the devastating effect that this disease has on the body and of course to make a donation to support research. 


"ALS is a progressive, degenerative disease of the nervous system that affects the neurons that control movement; we wanted to be active in this campaign by accepting the challenge with the knowledge that the Ice Bucket Challenge is not just a game, but a brilliant project that is sensitizing us all on the severity of the disease; actually the results are day after day a real surprise: the AISLA (Italian Association amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) ensures that in a month the donations have far surpassed the numbers that you usually receive in a year. "

Follow the wave of social, had its positive impact, the ice bucket challenge in the United States has already collected donations to more than 106 million dollars; in Italy, bucket after bucket, they were collected more 'than one million euro. 

The Group Ruggiero, invites you to participate in the fight against ALS, with the hope that this cold shower, is really a symbolic gesture capable of awakening our consciences but, above all, a concrete support for the research and for those which from years, are committed to fighting this terrible disease.