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01 - 08 - 2014

Ruggiero with the Regionals puts on the table the big Italian Flavor !


The Antonio Ruggiero SPA launches a new line from the whole Italian flavor: The Regionals.

“ With Regionals begin a journey of the senses of taste and passion through the best Italian territories suited to the cultivation of tubers, giving rise to the first 3 references Vertbag 2 kg (Potatoes Tuscany, Abruzzo and Veneto). The project aims to enhance the quality of products grown according to tradition the lush, green lands of our beautiful country, to carry on the family table simple and true Italian taste of the good fruits of the earth;

The productions of the distribution areas of Veneto and Tuscany, are experiencing a good quality of tubers which we hope will be reflected positively in the best POV of the boot, already in the next few days; harvest Abruzzese, on the other hand will be available in the coming weeks. "

Each reference has a distinctive character conferred by the properties of the soil in which it grows: The Tuscan potatoes, grown in areal particularly productive, are a real "treat" for those who enjoy the true flavors of high quality and authentic Italian; Venetian potatoes with excellent organoleptic properties, successfully grown in alluvial soils particularly rich and loamy the Veneto region, they are able to give each recipe a unique taste.


Valuable products should not forget the potatoes d 'Abruzzo, which, growing in fertile soils Fucino, once lake system, acquire a distinctive flavor and pleasing and full.

The graphics used to create the packaging is reminiscent in terms of colors, images and visual impact of the traditional nature, offering an overview of the landscapes in which potatoes are grown.

The choice of image, in fact, provide the consumer with a regional location of the product and graphically direct impact.

In detail, the packaging, featuring a color cardboard texture, reminiscent of earth tones and classic packaging of the past, while the images of the background represent the views of natural landscapes typical: a green hill in Tuscany;

the image of the Euganean hills of the Veneto region, while potatoes D'Abruzzo acquire greater appeal thanks to the typical landscape of mountains of the Abruzzo.


The Regional, at a time that sees globalization increasingly strong agri-food products, wants to be a way for the group to give due importance to a product of value typically Italian, offering an alternative and an opportunity for producers in these regions .


"Always our Brand Purpose is to give the consumer a product with high organoleptic quality and safe route; the route taken by the Regional project is aimed precisely to emphasize the excellence of Italian flavors whose origin must be easily recognizable, safe and guaranteed; Our group intends to continue its "path" between the Italian goodness and has rich with many other valuable products. "

The consumer today can feel "at home", sit at the table and choose to enjoy the best of typical regional Italian has always been appreciated throughout the world for its excellent cuisine and unparalleled quality.


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