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03 - 06 - 2014

The group Antonio Ruggiero - dedicated to the fans a very special packaging


At the World Cup 2014, Antonio Ruggiero sets up a limited edition for potato production celebrating the Italian national football team and the magic that has always created this great football event.

The packaging Viva Italy colors that recall the national team, has an extremely dynamic and sympathetic touch to emphasize the positive atmosphere of this sporting event that involves the whole world.

The picture in the middle of the pack shows two potatoes smiling as they play with a ball as in a cartoon.

The "skit" dynamic and imaginative conveys a message of positivity and joy to remember that the sport is a recreational activity, uplifting and above all healthy, necessary for the well-being of young people and adults as promotes the harmonious and balanced growth of the person, helping to improve psycho-social and physical appearance.


<p"Our group has always promoted the bride and the importance of a healthy lifestyle guaranteed by the combination of balanced diet and physical activity, and that's why I want to pay homage to the blues, in the event the football more 'important and long-awaited"

The packaging, created for the world, focuses on the consumer by emphasizing his sense of belonging and its Italian, in this event that manages to hold its breath young and old; with its appeal young and fresh, will be available on the shelves of all PDV of the boot, in convenient sizes from 1 kg and 1.5 kg.


“"The new package will contain only Italian product excellence and promote not only the Italian Potatoes intended as a reference but the positive value of sportsmanship in support of our Italy".


The Claim that could not be: Viva Italy, hoping that bodes well for our national team and our beautiful country! "



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