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09 - 04 - 2014

The line of potatoes and onions Naturella gets a new look!


It's called "Naturella" and is a now-classic line in the assortment of potatoes and onions company Antonio Ruggiero SpA; today, however, is renewing its style, enhancing its appeal with a new and attractive packaging, never forget to pay particular attention to quality and traditional character of the product.

The images shown on the packaging enhance the appearance of the product and its culinary uses, guiding the consumer towards an immediate choice and intuitive. The graphics are elegant and high visual impact, the buyer focuses on the ease of implementation of gourmet dishes made with potatoes and onions.

""Naturella - says sales manager - is a classic for our group always in fashion, which continues to give us satisfaction in terms of sales, a traditional product which the consumer is very fond of. Nowadays, through the inclusion of a QR Code place on the package, you can connect via smartphone to the new site to discover a world full of delicious recipes, interesting facts and tips" per scoprire un mondo ricco di sfiziose ricette, curiosità e consigli utili!"

The packages are of type Vertbag, weighing from 1,5-2-2,5 kg for potatoes and 750-800 grams / 1 kg for onions.

Among the many other company news, major and growing are the social channels: Facebook page with the "Potato Roger" (existing since 1889) and Twitter, whose icons are visible on the new packaging Naturella.

The main aim of the group is to share with the customer moments of everyday life in the kitchen, exchanging valuable information and making it an active part of the company.

Due to the dynamic and modern style of the site and login, the collaborations with the food bloggers are growing exponentially and satisfying, enriching the web pages of color and delicious recipes.

Ruggiero thus updates its image and its own style, from the web to packaging, moving closer to his audience to create a closer link with a wider target consumer: "At the center of our focus remains the product and its authenticity, guaranteed by a strict and careful production process, because we believe that to create a tasty recipe, you should always start from special ingredients.

It 's so that the new line Naturella, the idea of helping the consumer in the kitchen by suggesting the most suitable product for the preparation of great recipes; Our main aim is in fact to provide a reason to prefer our lines and choose our brand.

The new packaging, the typical dark blue color, which is closely connected to the previous package Naturella, it will be easily recognizable on the shelves of department stores nationwide.

The Antonio Ruggiero present the line in the following variants: potatoes compact texture suitable for the preparation of tasty recipes baked and boiled potatoes "All-purpose" for those who vary in the kitchen, and finally fried red potatoes ideals floury potatoes ideal for dumplings and mashed potatoes. The onions will be offered in three colors: white (ideal baked and boiled), red (to prepare delicious soups and salads) and gold (great for fried).


Prerogatives of the new packaging are Naturella modernity, simplicity and intuitiveness of the lines, all quality designed for consumers who are increasingly attentive but with less and less time available for shopping. A little help for those who are in the kitchen every day and a great touch of style and taste, a combination essential for every dish.

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