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In New Zealand discovered the gene that rules the development of onion's bulb 


Thanks to the work of researchers from New Zealand Plant & Food Research Institute and the University of Otago was a further step forward in the development of new cultivars of onion suited to specific growing conditions .

This study, published in the journal Nature Communications , has identified the gene that controls the development of the bulb. This is a first step to identify genetic markers that will guide future conventional breeding programs for new varieties of onion.

Associate Professor Richard Macknight has described this research as an excellent example of how genomic technologies can promote important discoveries in the field of varietal research . "Understanding how these plants control the development of the bulb , will enable us to develop new cultivars with a genetic profile that can respond to specific growing conditions ," he said in a statement.

John McCallum Plant & Food Research Institute explained that the production of onions requires varieties that are adapted to the temperature and exposure to sunlight characteristics of each environment . About 90 million tonnes of onions are produced globally each year, but genetic studies have been limited sull'ortaggio . "Our research is just beginning to connect the genetics and physiology of this product , thus allowing the industry to be able to draw in the future to a greater number of specific varieties for different areas ," said McCallum .

The onions are the second largest vegetable crop in New Zealand, with 586,000 MT produced each year and an export value of about U.S. $ 50.8 million ( or 62 million NZ dollars ) .


Source: Fresh Fruit Portal