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28 - 08 - 2013

Perù: a virus to combat the pests of potatoes

A group of researchers at the Pontificia Universidad del Peru has developed a new , more effective, but much less invasive , to knock out the moth Guatemala , one of the most aggressive insect pests of potato plantations . In collaboration with a group of French researchers from the Institute de recherche pour le developpement ( IRD) , biologists Peruvians have selected strains of a particular virus , the granulovirus , responsible for the gritty and have used them for the purpose of biological control.

The results of the research showed that , when properly inserted in the course of the life stages of the moth , these viruses are much more effective than chemicals normally used to protect the crops. In particular, the virus can affect various insects and replicate with ease just using the same moths as vectors and thus infecting in an immediate large populations of insects.

Source:  AGI