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14 - 10 - 2013

Snow in the north, hail and bad weather to the south : damage on apples , lemons and grapes

The perturbation that is gripping Italy has led in recent days the snow at very low altitudes in Trentino and Lombardy , causing damage - albeit limited to a few plants - the apple orchards of Val di Non and the Valtellina, and hailstorms in many parts of Sicily , in particular in the wing and in the Palermo jonica .

Snow on the apples of Trentino

According to preliminary estimates Coldiretti Trentino , would be between 50 and 60 hectares of apple orchards compromised by snowfall , especially in the areas of Tres , San Zeno and Denno , caused considerable damage to plants hail and plants. "In the best cases is compromised only harvest this year - says the president of Coldiretti Trentino Gabriele Calliari - in others they have been damaged plants and the plants themselves ."

A provisional estimate of the damage comes from the president of Codipra , Giorgio Gaiardelli , at the end of a survey , " Calculating the production of this year, the reconstruction of plant and crop failures in the coming years , we can calculate damage between 7 and 10 million euro. " The Autonomous Province of Trento interpellerà the European Community for extraordinary measures to support farmers affected by bad weather, announces the agriculture commissioner Tiziano Mellarini .

Hail on lemons Messina

In Messina , some farmers " were injured as a result of violent hailstorm that struck on Friday afternoon ." The news was Coldiretti Sicilian , who sounded the alarm about the damage created by the bad weather that hit the island. "80% of the production of lemon interdonato Band Ionian Messina has been compromised by the hailstorm and what remains on the trees now in danger of rot , adds Coldiretti . Some farmers of head injuries due to hail . In the province of Palermo - continued Coldiretti - the containment walls were damaged and tilled soil for sowing turned into quagmires . " Coldiretti asked to activate controls immediate to quantify the damage.

The flood of October 7 and 8 in Taranto : Regional Councillor Nardoni and organizations take 6 common commitments

Particularly heavy on the budget of the flood in the province of Taranto (cfr. Italiafruit del 9 ottobre) with landslides , dry stone walls destroyed by the violence of the water , broken links, businesses and sheds damaged , campaigns still completely flooded and marquees of table grapes literally torn by the violence of the waters.


For what happened , professional organizations at the regional level and in the province of Taranto , along with Alderman Nardoni , in recent days in Bari called for the adoption of a series of measures:

- The declaration of a state of emergency and request to speak of Civil Protection at national and regional level;

- The immediate activation of the UPA stakeholders, including the involvement of OO.PP.AA. in order of precise delimitation of the affected area and to pinpoint the type and percentage of the damage and initiate the procedures provided by the Fund National Solidarity and Funds available to the Civil Protection ;

- Issuing of orders for relief of the National Government and Regional fiscal and social security ;

- Setting up a table with the ABI to make and implement effective arrangements for the postponement of deadlines banking ;

- Set up a table between the processors and the production of grape juice and OO.PP.AA. For the withdrawal of the product from the market and to prevent speculation;

- Establishment of a Permanent Conference , with all the institutions concerned , for the identification of interventions priories for the protection of land and prevention of landslide risk.

Source: Vini e Sapori – Trentino Corriere Alpi – Trentino - CIA Taranto