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10 - 10 - 2013

Klikkapromo and digital couponing

foto klikkapromo cellulare

With autumn , it again to the hunting of cherry pickers and launches an original 100% digital coupon service , available on site , mobile app and interactive billboard in the subway . Discounts and promotions in retail outlets of supermarket chains are traceable on Crazy about specials , allowing you to download directly from the website or from the app on your smartphone coupons of the products that you intend to put in the shopping cart . The discount coupons are 100% digital and mobility accessible on smartphones by downloading the application "Crazy for Offers" available for iPhone and Android, or on the web, the site


More than 200 coupons available on many products of many different product categories, such as pasta, sauces , tuna , meat , olive oil, coffee, water , milk , soft drinks and bubble bath. The operation is easy and innovative : The customer must look for products that interest you and download the discount coupon available . Once done shopping at the supermarket , or in any other store , the user must provide proof of purchase with a photo of the receipt taken with their mobile phones with the products connected to the coupon. After that, the downloaded digital coupons are converted into credits can be spent on major social shopping sites , or phone cards and petrol coupons . To start searching for coupons and promotions favorite products , consumers can use an innovative method : with the mobile app Crazy for Bids must scan the bar codes on the packages , whether they are at home or at the grocery store .

The service is currently only available for the Milanese , as well as the ' interactive virtual shelf ' in the subway, thanks to which they can download the discount coupon by simply scanning the QR Code of 10 products of the same product categories. The first experiment of digital couponing in the subway, in partnership with IGP Decaux , started Monday, Oct. 7 in the 12 main stops of the 3 metro lines in Milan. "What the couponing is a fast growing phenomenon in our country - said Luciano Mazzone, founder and president of , in a press release - . More and more people are looking for solutions that enable to obtain discounts on the purchase of preferred products . That's why we decided to extend our service also to the coupon , which at the time already cover more than 200 products, but it will be shortly extended to many others , in response to numerous requests from our users. These discount coupons absolutely revolutionary , all-digital , which does not need to be printed or cut and offering consumers the chance to spend the accumulated rebates on different channels : from the whim of a purchase on a social shopping site until the petrol vouchers " .

Source:  Food Web