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10 - 09 - 2013

From purple potatoes new natural food coloring

foto patate viola

purple potatoes will become the source of a new generation of natural food colors that are gradually replacing the traditional synthetic dyes and colors derived from insects.
The argument is at the center of 246ma "Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society " , the largest scientific society in the world, at the Indiana Convention Center (USA) .


Purple potato is just one example of the revival of natural colors used centuries ago in response to consumer preferences. And also in relation to the need ,have beneficial effects on health , rich , for example , antioxidants .

Among the important reintroduction in the field of dyes emerge different types of tubers , not only the purple sweet potato but also the black carrot , grown with increasing frequency for the production of natural colorants .

A new study presented at the meeting and conducted by Texas A & M University has shown that the purple potato alone is able to offer a wide range of colors from light pink to deep pink , red to dark purple, thanks to the same anthocyanin pigments that are found in black cherries .

Source:  AGI