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04 - 10 - 2013

Growing consumption of fruit and vegetables ' bio ' in Italy , France and Germany

The notes to the research conducted within the project Fruitylife

The crisis is also felt on the consumption of fruit and vegetables, but save those biological

Rome , October 4 - (Adnkronos) - The trend in the consumption of fruit and vegetables following different trends in Italy, France and Germany, but in all three countries grows fruit and vegetables ' organic ' . The notes to an analysis carried out within the project Fruitylife " Fruits and vegetables , healthy and safe ", active in the three countries since 2012 , co-financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and coordinated by Alimos - feeding Health . In Italy, for example , the crisis is also felt on the consumption of fruit and vegetables, but save those ' bio ' .

The Observatory of fruit and vegetable consumption of Macfrut (June 2012- July 2013 ) shows a decline in consumption of fruit and vegetables fresh and frozen , with spending fell to 13.9 billion euro ; purchases decreased by 3.1% for fresh fruit and 2% for fresh vegetables increased slightly while the volume of purchases of frozen +0.7% . It grows instead the biological : the last recording of the panel households Ismea / Gfk Eurisko , referring to the purchase of packaged organic products in retail chains , reported an increase in the volume of sales of organic products 8 , 8% with the sector just dell'ortofrutta fresh and processed marking an 8% increase .

In France, the traditional fruit and vegetables holds , and also grows organic Quall . The data of Kantar Worldpanel 2013 show a recovery in the purchasing of fruits and vegetables : +6.1 % in value the purchase of fruit and vegetables compared to 2011 and 3.2% the volume of purchases. The expenditure for fruits and vegetables in 2012 stood at about 15.5 billion euro , with a +7 % for purchases of fruit and a +5.1% for vegetables . Also grows organic French , published data from CTIFL in July 2013 related to 2012 indicate a +6% in the value of spending on organic fruit and vegetables and a +5% of the quantity purchased . The organic fruit and vegetables that have recorded the best performances are carrots , tomatoes , zucchini , apples and kiwis .

In Germany, according to the latest data processed by the Ice in Berlin on Fruchthandel source , was recorded in August , the month when usually in the nation Teutonic fruit sales decrease, a + 2 % of purchases of fresh fruit despite a +7 % of prices. For Organic Monitor ( 2011 data ) the Germans have spent well € 6.6 billion in organic food products of which as many as 27% of this turnover comes dall'ortofrutta .

" The overall growth in sales of organic fruit and vegetables indicates that there is more and more looking for safe and healthy food for health and the environment and in this respect the EU legislation , very scrupulous and careful , it has a strict regulation - says Massimo Brusaporci , project manager and director of Fruitylife Alimos - What you want to communicate with the project Fruitylife is that the European fruit and vegetable industry is all safe , not just the part obtained by the organic production, which represents the top . "

Brusaporci also points out that the current process of harmonization of integrated production , unlike the previous one , allows the use of synthetic chemicals only in case of extreme necessity and real only within certain times, to allow products to have waste collected at below those permitted by law . Another guarantee in terms of food safety is " in control every step of the EU fruit and vegetable sector thanks to a system of traceability among the most rigorous and strict , which allows you to easily go back to the history and the manufacturer of each product package ."

But what are the fruits and vegetables the most popular in the countries studied, involved in the project ? In Italy, the data Cso - Gfk note that , from 2002 to 2012 , decreased purchases of apples, pears and oranges (-15%) , table grapes (-18%) and tangerines (-30%) , increased rather those of nectarines (+11% ), clementines (+15%) and kiwi (+36%) . For purchases fall vegetables of carrots ( 10%), potatoes ( 14%) and tomatoes ( 19%) , while increasing those of salads and chicory ( +12%) , asparagus (+13%) and cucumber ( +31 %).

In France , according to data FranceAgrimer , apple is the most eaten fruit ( both fresh and processed ), followed by pear and orange . For vegetables , the tomato is the preferred, although consumption is half of those Italians (32 kg per inhabitant per year against 70 kg per capita per year in Italy) . In Germany, where every citizen in 2012 consumed an average of 105 kg of fresh and processed fruit for a total of 8,668,000 tons, the favorite is still the apple with 25.9 kg per capita per year. For the favorite vegetables are tomatoes Germans whose annual per capita consumption amounted , including fresh and processed , to 20.6 


Source:  Libero News