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Potatoes... How much we love them???

Italians love potatoes,, despite not being their consumption comparable to that of Other Countries. This vegetable are especially love for their versatility in kitchen use. This is Why 57% of Italian people usually eat potatoes and 23% of consumer is even greedy of them. Potatoes are therefore appreciated by a large part of consumers who love lto eat them alone, come outline or be an integral part of Other Culinary preparation. Even 94% of our States countrymen appreciate them cooked in all ways: boiled, fried, baked, "foil".
In short, we're really talking about a vegetable "Ecumenical" Apparently free of big problems and What It became part of the diet of population with good prospects in the future. The percentage of those who do not consume potatoes is the lowest among all those emerged from similar Market Research on other products: less than 2%.
This tuber, the access to which may be judged, Also in Italy, "Historically Recent", has been included in various popular diets in the last CENTURIES essentially for reasons of economy. This Is One of the stereotype is still widespread (They say the 86 individuals out of 100), but today potatoes have conquered an autonomous space In Our Eating Habits despite of those aspects.

Which kind of potatoes consumer are you?

Rarely ( 1-2 times a month ) 20,5%

Routine ( at least once a week ) 56,7%

Ghiotto ( whenever I can ) 22,8%

Which kind of potatoes usually consume ?

A yellow flesh 50,0%

New 41,2%

A white flesh 35,8%

It depends on the dish that I have to cook 29,2%

No preference, are more or less all the same 12,9%

A red pulp 12,1%

Buy only frozen potatoes 1,7%


Consumer Request

An outline as others, but a culinary contribution with its specificity and its own taste value. In particular, fresh potatoes are more appreciated than frozen one , is the answer to the “provocative " question on the preference of potato homemade respect on those of the fast food. Reasons of this consumption are short changed radically. Only 6% of Italians are agree define them poor food , WHILE other 20% tend to agree. A second study regards the possible difference of taste of this tuber, which would appear free of Specific attributes.

Significant is the Declaration of the 36% of consumers believe that they can clearly distinguish the differences in taste between the types of potatoes currently Commerce. 47% They are believed instead of Have Some Difficulty distinguish quality. It seems therefore prevail What A strong approval of the product. Consumers, as in the classic case of Mineral Water, are not able to explain their choices and their behavior, but can perceive Rather Clearly different features of taste. Talking about cooking modality , the result is that the most appreciated is baking ( 60 % ).

To follow boiling with oil dressing and salt (like by more than half of consumers) and then come to the frying Followed From Preparation in the form of puree then All Other preparations . Very important is the verification of the living Dietary of our tuber which seems to be very positive. Only 34 % of Consumers consider potato "one of the great enemies of the diet."


The absence of gluten and fat was also properly educated by women who appreciate this peculiarity. Similarly it has been underlined the satiating power and quantity of fibre. Going into detail is highlighted the difficulties of the people in adapting the different types of potatoes according to the most appropriate method of preparation.

We also note as well for this vegetable is relevant perceived in symbolic form and color, regardless of actual expertise: the french fries "of quick restaurant should be golden and yellow internal bay, puree must be traditionally white milk.