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Research and Development

Ricerca e Sviluppo RuggieroThrough our products  we communicate to our customers the passion for our work .
Research and innovation , study and professionalism of our team of experts, are priorities for our company always careful and constantly in evolution in order  to guarantee excellent product and taste.
Research and laboratory analysis, test on products, improved crop varieties are fundamental activities to carry on the shelves of retail and consequently put on your table Potatoes and Onions with an unique flavor .
To ensure our customer good product as just collected , we adopt a policy of Taste which is based not only on the external quality of our products but also on sensory experience of taste, the same for 12 months a year.
We continuously work to keep our control system complies with the highest and most stringent standards of quality and safety .
The finished products are the result of a structured process that goes from the birth of an idea, the study of a packaging and target consumers.
There is a fascinating world of people behind a pack, it is our world and every day closer and more careful to your needs.

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